Leaf Forward offers a one of a kind learning and growth opportunity.

Leaf Forward's Sprint to Pitch

Sprint to Pitch founders will participate in a 6-week intensive program to accelerate their growth and prepare them for the challenging process of pitching investors and raising money. Through twice weekly meetings, founders will learn from industry experts to develop the toolkit they need to raise their first round - everything from how to craft an awesome pitch deck to the legal lingo of finance.  

Our first demo day is April 11th, email alex@leafgroup.ca for more information


In addition to the core curriculum, founders will have incredible opportunities for one-on-one mentorship and elective classes offered by the best and brightest from across the cannabis industry.

Leaf Forward’s Sprint to Pitch program will be capped off by a pitch day, where founders will have the opportunity to present to cannabis industry leaders, angel investors and major cannabis funds including CannaRoyalty Corp., and Green Acre Capital.

The Sprint to Pitch program runs from January 29th to March 8th.

Who Should Apply

If you think you have an idea that will change the cannabis industry, you should apply. If you know you have an idea that will change the cannabis industry, you should definitely apply. 

We’re looking for entrepreneurs who believe in their idea and believe in themselves. Who are self-starters motivated to learn from the best to become the best. We don’t expect you to show up with all the answers, but here are some questions you should consider before applying:

  • Is this legal or is there a clear path to legalization?
  • Is there a market for this, has this been tried before?
  • How will this impact the cannabis industry?
  • How will it make money?
  • How much money do I need to raise? How much do I want to raise? 

What’s in it for participating companies? 

  • 6 weeks (12 classes) of education from subject matter experts. 
  • Ongoing mentorship from cannabis industry executives, leading professionals and startup specialists.
  • Access to top legal, consulting, accounting and strategy firms and professionals. 
  • Discounted or free products and services from third party providers.
  • Continued, post-program, access to Leaf’s national network of events, professional development and investors.
  • Multiple opportunities to meet with funds, investors and investor groups.
  • Meaningful relationships with fellow cannabis entrepreneurs.

What’s the Cost?

Each participating company will be required to pay a $750 (+HST) course fee on acceptance. 

Accommodations can be made for qualified businesses who are unable to pay the fee.


  • We want to make sure you’re serious. The price has been set at a level which is affordable for a startup but is also a significant enough that you’ll commit to getting the most out of the program. 
  • We’re putting in a lot of time and effort in order to bring you the best program possible. That means months of planning ahead of the 6 week program as well as follow-up and support afterwards. The course fees help us cover some of the administrative and operational costs of this program. 
  • A portion of course fees help build the Leaf network of meetups, which are monthly cannabis industry meetups in Toronto, Calgary and coming to other cities soon. The Leaf network is what allows us to bring such awesome mentors and investors around the table for the Sprint to Pitch program. 

The Sprint to Pitch program will be held in Toronto, however if you can’t make it here in person, we are more than happy to have you join over teleconference.

Applications are now closed, if you'd like to apply to future programming or have an idea that just can't wait -get in touch.